Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy
The Professional Therapy for Racehorses
Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy
The Professional Physical Therapy
JG | Veterinary Physiotherapy
Due to love and respect for animals

Welcome to JG | Veterinary Physiotherapy

Professional Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Practice

JG | Animal Physiotherapy is a form of therapy using manual techniques (massage, mobilization, and manipulation techniques) and therapeutic equipment (ultrasound, PEMF) to prevent or treat soft tissue, orthopedic and neurologic complication of the animals. JG | Animal Physiotherapy mainly specializes in physiotherapeutic care of racehorses through providing the best support care that will allow the racehorses to thrive and perform to its natural abilities. 


B e c a u s e  P r e v e n t i o n  i s  t h e  B e s t  P o l i c y .

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